Southwest Vienna Neighborhood Association

Friday, June 25, 2010

SWVNA Meeting - April 21, 2010

21 APRIL 2010

SWVNA President Mike Pool opened the meeting by recapping the activities at our October meeting, i.e. election of officers, adoption of by-laws and our continuing membership drive.

Dave Sandrowitz, 1st VP, reported on the NEPP grant of tow-thousand dollars we have received from Fairfax County. It can be used to support our membership drive, neighborhood activities, a SWVNA website and neighborhood survey activities.

Councilwoman Laurie DiRocco reported that Mayor Seeman and Councilwoman Cole were attending the meeting on Tyson’s development. The TOV website has a copy of the Town’s letter to the County which documents Vienna’s concerns about the development. All attendees were encouraged to email or write the County about their concerns, and suggested that emails to Cathy Hudgins, the Hunter Mill Rep and Linda Smythe, the Providence Rep might also help.

Councilwoman Edythe Kelleher reported that the Town has adopted a $33 car registration fee, matching the County’s new fee, in order to keep the funds in the Town coffers. She stated that hopefully part of the money could be used to offset real estate taxes in Town.

It was also reported that TOV has approved sites along the W&OD Trail for placement of cell phone antennae to support the SE quadrant; the long-term Maple Ave vision is still in work; and the Town is in the process of evaluating our water and sewer system.

Mike Pool stressed our need for a permanent Treasurer for the SWVNA.

It was also decided that SWVNA would contact Kathy Salgado of Parks and Rec to partner with the Town on the rededication of Meadow Lane Park.

The meeting was adjourned at 9:30, with thanks to all who attended.

Saturday, April 10, 2010


Meeting Minute
21 October 2009

Candidate for State Delegate Mark Keam was our guest at our October meeting. Mark spoke about some of his involvement in SW Vienna, outlined his goals for work at the state level, and helped provide a lot of guidance for the development of the SWVNA. Mark also provided a list of contacts that would be beneficial to helping the SWVNA get more engaged with local issues in Vienna.

The pros and cons to incorporation were discussed by the group. No final decision was reached, however, as to whether or not the SWVNA should do so at this time.

The next item that was discussed was adoption of the by-laws. Mike Pool moved to adopt the current draft of the by-laws and Bob Gregg seconded. The by-laws were unanimously adopted. Following the adoption of the by-laws, officers were nominated and elected as follows:

President - Patty Toler nominated Mike Pool, Tom seconded, and Mike was elected unanimously.

1st Vice President - Sonnet Lee nominated Anne Rutherford (who was absent), Bob Gregg seconded, and Anne was elected unanimously. It should be noted that Anne, absent from the meeting, later declined the 1st Vice President nomination, and Dave Sandrowitz agreed to serve in that capacity.

2nd Vice President - Bob nominated Sonnet Lee, Mike Pool seconded, and Sonnet was elected unanimously.

Treasurer - Sonnet nominated David Sandrowitz, Bob seconded, and Dave was elected unanimously.

Secretary - Patty nominated Anne, Sonnet seconded, and Anne was elected unanimously.

As the newly elected Treasurer, Dave collected membership fees of $10 from all in attendance, totaling $60.

Bob asked whether a local business could join the association. While no official position was taken, it was generally agreed upon that the association was intended to only consist of and represent residents and households within SW Vienna. This may change in the future and can be taken up for debate at a later time.

The meeting was adjourned at 9:30pm. Thanks to all that attended.

Wednesday, April 7, 2010

SWVNA Meeting - April 21 at 7:30pm

The Southwest Vienna Neighborhood Association (SWVNA) will hold its
next meeting on Wednesday, April 21st at 7:30 p.m. at Marshall Road Elementary School.

All are welcome, so come out and bring a neighbor
or two as well! The goal of SWVNA is to further establish a sense of
community amongst the neighborhoods in Southwest Vienna and to provide
a venue for addressing the local issues that are most pertinent to us
all. One of the topics to be discussed will be a grant we have
received through Fairfax County’s Neighborhood Enhancement Partnership
Program (NEPP) to help further the Association’s activities. We hope
to have a guest speaker as well and will provide more information on
that as soon as we have it.

For more information, please post in this forum, visit,
or contact Anne Rutherford at 703-281-6178.

Wednesday, October 21, 2009

SWVNA Meeting Tonight at 7:30pm - October 21, 2009

Please join us 7:30pm tonight at the teacher's lounge at the Marshall Road School. Please bring your cell phone if you are late - there will be a number posted on the door for you to call to get in.

Agenda Items:

a) Neighborhood Enhancement Partnership Program Grant application
b) Tax ID number and PO Box
c) T-Mobil's application to use the water tower
d) Selection of Officers - those who present will vote.
c) Discussion of SWVNA By-laws.

SWVNA Meeting Minutes - September16, 2009


Councilwoman Laurie DiRocco was the guest at our September meeting. Laurie discussed some of the initiatives the Town Council is working on, such as trying to improve parking in the Church Street area by partnering with the businesses. The Town is continuing to look at the Maple Avenue Vision. Some developers may be interested, but cannot live with the 35 foot height requirement. The Town Council will have a work session on this in the near future.

Regarding activities adjacent to Vienna, Laurie reported that the Fairfax County Planners met with the Town Council to convey what parks and recreation areas are planned for the Tysons redevelopment. This is a concern, as the Town resources cannot support the added customer base that the redevelopment will create.

There was a question and answer session regarding lot coverage in the own, and also citizen concerns about crime and general public safety in Vienna, especially around the Park Street apartments.

Also reported at the meeting was that the Bike Advisory Committee is establishing bike lanes in the Town, and will be starting in Southwest, probably with Tapawingo Road. The attendees were very enthused about getting bike lanes.

Everyone was advised that the next meeting is scheduled for seven-thirty PM on 21 October, at the Marshall Road School. The meeting was adjourned at nine o’clock, with thanks to all who attended.

Tuesday, September 15, 2009

SWVNA Next Meeting September 16 at 7:30pm

Please come to our next meeting on September 16 at the Marshall Road Elementary School at 7:30pm. The meeting will be in the library.

Vienna Town Councilwomen Laurie DiRocco will talk with us about issues concerning our neighborhood.

SWVNA Meeting Minutes - August 18, 2009

18 AUGUST 2009

In Mike Pool’s absence, Anne Rutherford led the meeting. Old business, i.e. what is the status of Metro West was briefly discussed. Anne has not been able thus far to get current information, but will keep trying and report as it is available.

Mention was made that he Committee for Helping Others (CHO) is in continuing need of help, whether it be volunteers and/or monetary contributions. They have a particular need to repair or replace the truck they use to collect furniture. Info slips were made available to any having interest.

The calendar of next Town for a was reviewed, with emphasis on the Planning Commission and Board of Zoning Appeals meetings which will discuss the application of T-Mobile to place cell phone antennae on the Tapawingo Street, SW water tower as well as a tower along the W&OD trail in NE Vienna.

Sonnet Lee reviewed possible issues or events that may be of interest to the group. The ongoing survey and meetings on traffic safety were mentioned, as well as home safety. Michele Scott, the Director of the Shepard Center of Oakton/Vienna was in attendance and gave the group a summary of her organization’s mission to help the elderly. Pamphlets were on hand for those having interest in this activity.

Everyone was advised that the next meeting is scheduled for seven-thirty PM on 16 September, at a new location, the Marshall Road School. All were encouraged to attend on 16 September, as Laurie DiRocco, our new Town Councilwoman and SW resident will be in attendance. The meeting was adjourned at eight o’clock, with thanks to all who attended.